I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our new web site. I am delighted that the site is online and I hope that you will find it an informative and interesting resource.

Our club is situated in the village of Ballyronan which lies on the shores of the North Western corner of Lough Neagh.

This year we have got off to a great start, we have two new RYA Coaches, Elwyn and Connor, part funded by Mid Ulster District Council who have continued to let us use one of the buildings on site as our new club house.

We are a small but very active club and new members are welcome. If you are interested in joining our club or require further info feel free to contact us.

John McRobert
Commodore 2018
Ballyronan Boat Club


Hi all

Having had a great start to the season, and continuing great interest in the Saturday morning sailing, our Saturday afternoon and Wednesday evening sailing has been drifting a bit.

I know many have been involved with exams, and family holidays, and I trust both went well, or in the case of the holidays, perhaps are still going well.

Congratulations to Paul Morgan and Jonny McBride who I understand have both got new yachts – best wishes for many years of pleasure with them (some body pass this to Jonny, I don’t have his email).

And congratulations to Samuel Curry for his performance “Dancing on ice the side of a Fireball”.

Five of us had a lovely sail this afternoon, two boats in the wider Ballyronan vicinity, and the other three were last seen well past Skaddy towards Antrim, so I do not know where they ended up!

We have a number of events planned for Saturdays – cruise to Rams Island, Lough regattas, Cat’s cradle, BBQ, etc. Publicity will follow.

To bring our competitive sailing together again, we will run another mini-series on the six Wednesday evenings starting next week, the 18th through to the end of August, at the Marina at 7.00 for a start at 7.30.  We will try for two short races to start with, probably dropping to one as the evenings shorten.  Those who have their own boat, come and join in; if you don’t, the club boats are available for those with suitable experience, and for others, please come along, join the fun – there are always crewing places available and you will be very welcome.

Please come along and bring your friends, and pass this on to others whose email addresses I do not have.


John McRobert