Week 4 – Saturday 12th May

Photos week 4 – 12th May


First of all, very well done everybody yesterday morning. It was great to have everybody working so well together and achieving such a great result; 29 were signed in, and all reports indicated they had a great time.

I hesitate to single anybody out, all pitched in and did whatever needed done, so I hope you don’t mind a special mention for James and Joan for spontaneously appearing with drinks and food; thank you very much.

On to the afternoon, a great sail, very interesting to watch, led home by the two Lasers, five finishing within 82 seconds on corrected lap time, and the Fireball in the thick for the first time.

Next Saturday, 10.00 to get sorted (details to follow), 10.30 for beginner sailing, and 14.00 for racing.

Happy days


Weather forecast for Saturday 12th May