Week 5 – Saturday 19th May

Photo gallery week 5

Another great day’s sailing on Saturday.  First, in the morning, the beginners, and it was a delight to see young folk in Teras, adults in Lasers, all having a great time.  The young folk even chose to carry out capsize drill, having their craft pulled over, then righting it and sailing on – well done all, including Connor and Elwyn who went in to do the capsizing.

By the afternoon, the wind had increased, and the races were sailed in a fairly brisk breeze.  With various other attractions, not so many took part, but those who did had a great sail.  Elwyn even had a sudden swim when the toe strap broke and he then had to go in for repairs.  As it was a club boat, so no fault of his own, I am sure nobody will mind giving him redress and an estimated finish.  And we have a change in the leader board, with Cecile coming in with two firsts to displace Swag Bag.

Next Saturday, 10.30 at the Marina to get sorted and onto the water for beginner sailing, and 14.00 for racing.

Happy days



Early signs are looking fine!